About us

Waage Dental Clinic has a long history of delivering first class patient care. The journey begun when dentist Sigurd Waage opened his practice in Kleppe in 1973. After 30 years of service he decided to hand over his practice to his son Fredrik Waage. Nowadays, the clinic is owned and operated by Fredrik Waage, Lars Waage and Lars Nordbø who make sure our patients receive quality, painless care each and every time.

In 2013, dentist Haakon Skeie Solberg was also affiliated with the dental care center. In 2016 an excellent dental hygienist Emanuela Todorova joined our team. In 2017, we were happy to open a new orthodontic department in a partnership with a specialist in orthodontics Dr. Andrea Bazzucchi.

Meet our team

What makes us unique is that all our patients are seen by a team of specialists. As we all work in one center, the everyday cooperation allows us to study each treatment plan as a team and thus we can…


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Dental insurance

As a general rule, adults must pay for dental treatment themselves, but there are some exceptions if you have certain illnesses, conditions or injuries. The dentist/dental hygienist should consider whether you are covered by any of these exceptions and therefore are entitled to support from Helfo.

Read about Helfo Insurance Rules here.


Prevention is the key

Maintaining a healthy smile starts with prevention and regular dental check-ups. It’s important to keep up-to-date with regular appointments, to ensure that your teeth and gums are looking and feeling its best.